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JK Beauty & Co is dedicated to providing an array of professional lash services aimed at enhancing the natural beauty of their clients’ eyes. From meticulously applied eyelash extensions to the innovative lash lift and tint procedure, their skilled technicians cater to diverse preferences and needs. With a focus on quality and client satisfaction, JK Beauty & Co ensures each individual receives personalized attention and expert care to achieve stunning and long-lasting results, leaving clients feeling confident and glamorous.

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Classic lash extensions are individual synthetic lashes meticulously applied to each natural lash, resulting in a timeless and natural-looking enhancement. They provide length and volume while maintaining a subtle and elegant appearance, perfect for those seeking a classic and understated lash style.


Hybrid lash extensions combine both classic and volume lash techniques, offering a versatile and textured look. With a mix of individual synthetic lashes and handmade fans, hybrid extensions provide enhanced volume and dimension, creating a bold yet natural-looking lash style that’s perfect for those wanting a balance between classic and dramatic.


Volume lash extensions involve the application of multiple lightweight synthetic lashes to each natural lash, resulting in a dramatic and voluminous appearance. Known for their fullness and fluffiness, volume extensions create a lush and glamorous look, perfect for those desiring a striking and statement-making eyelash style.

Mega Volume

Mega Volume lash extensions are an advanced technique that involves applying an even greater number of ultra-fine synthetic lashes to each natural lash, creating an incredibly dense and intense lash look. These extensions offer unparalleled fullness and drama, resulting in voluminous and eye-catching lashes that make a bold statement.

Designers Volume

Designer Volume lash extensions are a specialized technique that involves creating custom lash fans of varying lengths, thicknesses, and textures to achieve a unique and tailored lash style. This approach allows for intricate designs and patterns, resulting in a highly personalized and artistic lash look that can range from subtle to dramatic, depending on the client’s preferences.

Keratin Lift & Tint

A Keratin Lash Lift & Tint is a treatment designed to enhance the natural beauty of the lashes by lifting and curling them, followed by tinting to add color and definition. The result is lifted, curled lashes that appear longer and more voluminous, with added depth and intensity from the tint, providing a semi-permanent solution for achieving a wide-eyed and refreshed look.

Treatment Overview

Procedure Time

1 Hour



Full Recovery


Sensitivity Period







2 - 4 weeks

Possible Risks & Complications

Redness, itching

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